Thursday, April 19, 2012

College and Radical Abandonment

      Hey friends!! I have been so busy with studying and writing papers and being with family and friends that I haven't had much time to post. I'm learning to cherish the moments in this season of my life right now. There is only a little over three months until I'll be making the big move to Boyce College in Louisville, KY! I absolutely love it Boyce! I love how everyone is so focused on God and growing closer to Him. I'm so very thankful that this is where the Lord is leading me for the next season of my life. He has been so good to work all details out thus far. He knows what we need, and He provides it! It will be so bittersweet though, because I will miss my family and friends and church so much! I'm trusting Him though, because He knows what is best for me. Wherever He leads, I'll go.

      I don't have much time, but here is a video that I have watched probably about a million times. ;) It is so good. It always reminds me that I am to be radically abandoned to my Savior, constantly forsaking all that I have and all that is good in the world's eyes to follow Him. He gave everything for me, and so I should be willing to give everything for Him. Oh how I love my sweet Savior!


  1. Wow- definitely going to have to check out her blog that you sent me. That was encouraging and convicting. So true... it's a mandate that we give our lives as a living sacrifice. We can't hold on to it... tough but so worth it! Thanks for posting!

    1. Amen! Jim Elliot said, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." May we be people who live this out. Thanks for commenting RuthAnne! :)